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The Danish Info-houses

Read about the Info-houses which is a crime-preventive collaboration where the key actors are the police and the municipalities, but also including other authorities like the regional psychiatry and the Prison and Probation Service.

There are 12 Info-houses in Denmark, one for each police region. An Info-house is comprised by two types of inter-agency collaboration with each its distinctive task:

  • Info-house Municipality is tasked with assessing concerns on individuals who may be at risk.
  • Info-house Network is tasked with sharing information on the broader local challenges and trends in the region.

Information sharing in the 12 local Info-houses is done with respect to the protection of personal data, however with a special provision in the Administration of Justice Act, allowing the participating authorities to share information in order to prevent crime.

The local Info-houses are supported by national authorities who have formed a steering group and a secretariat for Info-houses.the infohouse collaboration

Read about the assessment tool used by the info houses to analyze concerns on individuals who may be involved in extremism

Read about tailormade interventions and the national corps of mentors and parent coaches

last modified Mar 22, 2024