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Information on the background, purpose and activities of the Danish Centre for Prevention of Extremism can be found here.

The Danish Centre for Prevention of Extremism was established as part of the social financing agreement for 2017. The purpose of the centre is to strengthen Danish efforts to prevent extremism and radicalisation nationally, locally and online. Thus, the centre supports the preventive work by municipalities, regions, crime prevention cooperations, educational institutions, housing organisations, associations, etc.

The aim of the centre is to promote the use of knowledge-based prevention and help to ensure that rapid and targeted intervention is possible in cases of potential radicalisation. The centre offers advice on the development of action plans for prevention of extremism, guidance for professionals on potential action if there is any cause for concern, and courses designed to upgrade skills, often in partnership with other stakeholders. Moreover, the centre implements a range of method development projects and offers specific tools such as mentors, parent coaches and young dialogue facilitators.

A coordination team involving relevant national authorities and representatives for agencies such as KL – Local Government Denmark – and Danske Regioner has been established in consultation with the centre to support coordination of the prevention effort.

The centre is part of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, which is answerable to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

last modified Jun 08, 2018